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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TeachAde

TeachAde is the first interactive website with Web 2.0 tools designed exclusively for K-12 teachers, giving them the ability to share, search and create resources to enhance their teaching and professional development as well as network with other teachers. The free site is designed to improve education by enabling online teacher communities and resource sharing.

What are the benefits of TeachAde for teachers?

TeachAde saves time and makes teaching easier by providing quick access to an electronic database of reviewed resources for researching and planning class lessons, using an easy key word system. Educators also can use the site to discuss issues relevant to their teaching, share and author curriculum in a wide variety of formats with their peers, access information that supports their ongoing professional development, and provide feedback to K-12 suppliers.

What makes TeachAde different from other websites for teachers?

TeachAde is the first free site for teachers that combines a robust database of reviewed resources, curriculum authoring and sharing in a wide variety of formats, management tools and access to a broad community of educators with similar interests. It is the first site of its kind to use Web 2.0 second-generation, Internet technology which permits online information sharing, collaboration and professional networking similar to other leading social network sites.

What product features does TeachAde offer?

TeachAde offers an extensive array of product features, including

  • A database of reviewed resources, searchable by grade and key words
  • Bookmarking, contributing and downloading resources in varied electronic formats in core content areas, as well as additional categories including music, foreign language, technology, student wellness, physical education and professional development
  • Open group forums to facilitate collaboration with peers
  • Daily digital planner for group meeting and lesson preparation reminders
  • Personal favorites file
  • Easy- to-use uploading tool for adding resources to database, group folders, personal favorites or planner
  • Personal profile pages to enhance professional and social networking
  • Find a colleague feature

How much does TeachAde cost to use?

TeachAde is available to teachers, college professors and college students for free; full functionality becomes available to members following a simple online sign-up process. The TeachAde search function also is available to non-members as are several other valuable TeachAde tools. Business members pay an annual membership fee to receive feedback from teachers on their products and services.

Do teachers need to be computer savvy to use TeachAde?

No, users only need the skills to search the Internet to be able to use TeachAde. However, skilled educational technologists do participate on TeachAde and are happy to share their knowledge with fellow users.

Who belongs to the TeachAde community?

TeachAde members consist of K-12 teachers from around the U.S. and the world, college professors from colleges and universities throughout the U.S., and representatives of commercial and non-profit enterprises that serve the teaching community.

How many members are there?

More than 3,000 teachers already have signed up.

Is there advertising on the TeachAde site?

Commercial members are allowed to display their brands and trademarks when participating in the TeachAde community.

Will students and parents use TeachAde?

TeachAde is a community for educational professionals and is not designed for students or parents.

How does TeachAde protect my privacy?

Registering for TeachAde requires that users provide an email address. These addresses are kept confidential by TeachAde and will not be shared outside its web community. For more details, refer to our Privacy Policy.

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